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Ever wonder what is true of those wedding movies and what is Hollywood’s chick flick version? Here are the top 7 things that you can really expect out of your engagement, without all the glamour that show business gives it.

  1. It’s not going to be perfect. Do not expect to have flawless pictures of when he proposed, or to be completely clear of zits on your wedding day, or to have every single event and moment that has to do with your wedding run smoothly. Brides who become obsessed with having a perfect wedding usually end up disappointed and stressed, when they could have just enjoyed the day. The same goes for your engagement. Expect bumps in the road and you’ll do fine.
  2. Everyone has advice. Suddenly your long lost cousin from Detroit will have opinions of what needs to happen in the ceremony, and random friends start giving advice like they are event planners. Remember to stick to your guns and go with what is going to make you happy. The truth is, you will never be able to please everyone, so take recommendations with a grain of salt. You will also get a lot of relationship advice. When it comes to this, remember that every relationship is different and what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, and vice versa.
  3. The ring will take some getting used to. You will notice yourself staring at your hand or accidentally hitting it on things because you’re not used to wearing it. Be really careful that you don’t lose it or forget to wear it, and start a routine of where you’re going to put it before bed or your shower so that you always know where it is. Because the ring is usually the first thing people ask to see once they find out you are engaged, make sure that your nails are always manicured during the first couple months.
  4. The story-telling starts now. Be prepared to tell all your stories a lot. How you met, how he proposed, how long you’ve dated, and the details of your wedding are usually the top questions that are asked. It might help to have a wedding website or blog where you can post all of these answers so that you don’t have to repeat yourself a thousand times.
  5. Expect to have both fans and foes. Don’t be shocked when there are people who don’t support your decision to get married. Even if you are one of the lucky few who don’t have a friend or family member who disagrees with the relationship, you will most likely have someone who you wish was happier for you than they are. Realize that this is just showing their own insecurities and control issues, and that their opinions have no actual reflection of your relationship or marriage. You will, of course, have so many friends and family who love and support you there, so focus on their positive attitudes instead of the negative ones.
  6. Your date is usually the first question. You will be asked the question of “when and where” before you even have a chance to think about it. You don’t necessarily need to be prepared with a date, time and place right away, but at least have answer for them. Something like, “We are just enjoying our first few weeks of being engaged right now, so we don’t know yet!” will definitely work.
  7. Let the planning begin! You will probably want to jump right into the planning all at once, but you need to remember to pace yourself because shopping around and keeping your mind open can really make a difference.

Keep this list in mind and enjoy your engagement! This is a once in a lifetime experience, so live it up!

About the Author – Derek Mason works in the event planning business in northern Kansas, and loves seeing the big moments with young couples. Wilson Diamonds would love to help you through the big next step of getting engaged, so click the link for more information.